Since each of our studies is fully customized, there is no standard deliverables package. The content of your final report will depend on the unique objectives of your study. In most cases, the results will include the following…


Data Visualizations

Visual behavior is best illustrated visually. That may seem obvious, but the graphics and videos in our reports are the result of many years of painstaking research. You need more than just heatmaps to answer complex questions. That is why EyeTracking, Inc. has developed several proprietary visualizations that provide a powerful vantage into the visual behavior of a single subject or group. While numerical and qualitative data are quite useful in understanding the overarching themes, our visual renderings provide a means to actually see through the eyes of your customer.


Numerical Results

While not as flashy as Data Visualizations, Numerical Results are the backbone of our research. EyeTracking, Inc. was founded on the principles of sound experimental design and thorough data analysis. Our commitment to providing statistical validation for our findings is evident in every project. There is simply no better way to draw accurate, actionable conclusions on a wide variety of research questions – Where do people look? What do they ignore? How long does it take to see a targeted feature? Are users cognitively engaged in a task? Is one product design more eye catching than another? Subjective findings can be misleading, but the numbers don’t lie.


Qualitive Learning

As exciting as eye tracking is, it is important to remember that there is still much to be learned from traditional methods. At EyeTracking, Inc. we have not lost sight of the consumer. Whenever applicable, a qualitative component is included in the study design to make sure that we capture the perceptions of the participant, not just their eye movements. Our ActionReview™ Interview technique (see below) allows the client to hear the opinions of their  customer without interrupting the interaction with the test materials. Additionally, we develop and administer questionnaires to gain further insights. Qualitative learnings within our deliverables generally include summaries, quotations and response tallies. Eye tracking is the best method for answering the What questions, but there is no substitute for direct feedback to tell us Why.

ActionReview Interview™: After a participant completes an eye tracking research session, EyeWorks™ software is used to replay crucial points in the interaction. Was a particular task associated with usability problems? Did a certain package version tend to be ignored? The ActionReview™ interview allows the moderator to tap into the participant’s visual experience as a means of uncovering their motivations, expectations and perceptions.