EyeTracking, Inc. is more than just an eye tracking company. We are a full-service marketing research firm, a specialized software developer and an industry leader in applied sciences. Our staff is expert. Our approach is multidimensional. Our results are unparalleled.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

EyeTracking, Inc. evaluates packages, planograms, websites, software, handheld devices, advertisements, signage, video content, interactive kiosks and a virtually limitless array of other visual media. A shortlist of our capabilities is provided below:

  • Development of scientifically valid study designs
  • Web assisted participant recruiting
  • Collection of eye tracking data (point-of-gaze, fixations, pupil size, etc.)
  • Collection of usability data (mouse clicks, scrolling, errors, etc.)
  • Collection of consumer behavior data (product selected for purchase, design preference, etc.)
  • Moderation of post-testing ActionReview™ interviews
  • Development and hosting of questionnaires and quantitative surveys
  • Presentation of comprehensive research reports including illustrative graphics and actionable recommendations

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Software Development

Software Development

EyeTracking, Inc. has developed several unique software packages for eye tracking, cognition and other psychophysiology research. We offer personalized training along with each of these products:

  • EyeWorks manages all aspects of eye tracking research – from study design and data collection to analysis and reporting. This dynamic software package is compatible with several commercially available eye tracking hardware systems and capable of tracking visual behavior on multiple screens simultaneously.
  • Quad Server offers a unified solution for synchronization, storage, visualization and distribution of data from multiple sources. This product creates a command center from which even the most complex multimodal research study can be effectively controlled.
  • The Cognitive Workload Module provides a real-time assessment of mental effort based solely on the behavior of the eye. This metric is generated using the Index of Cognitive Activity, a patented scientifically-validated pupil measurement developed for the US department of defense. It is the least intrusive means of evaluating cognitive workload.

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Scientific Applications


First and foremost, EyeTracking, Inc. is a collection of scientists. Our work in the fields of visual behavior and cognitive workload has resulted in groundbreaking publications, innovative technological achievements and the steady growth of the eye tracking industry as a whole. We are proud of such contributions, and we look forward to putting our stamp on future discovery.

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