THE CLIENT: A major producer of consumer electronics

The Objective

The client wished to evaluate the visibility, memorability and overall appeal of two prototype magazine advertisements. The goal of this research was to determine not only if the ads captured attention, but also how they were visually experienced. A secondary goal was to incorporate this research into a design template for print advertisements based on the visual behavior of the reader.

The Sample

EyeTracking, Inc. recruited and tested a sample of participants classified as one of the client’s customer personas.

The Methods

Each prototype advertisement was embedded into EyeTracking, Inc’s magazine simulator, which allows the participant to flip through the pages of a virtual magazine using a large computer monitor. Participants were asked to view the magazine as they normally would if they were looking through it on their own. After the interaction, participants answered a series of questions designed to collect data on advertisement recall, recognition and appeal.

The Results

EyeTracking, provided detailed results on the performance of the client ads including average viewing time, ability to recall and comparison with competitor ads. On a more specific level we were able to identify the precise visual flow of each ad (i.e. which element is viewed first, second, third, last) and which components tended to be ignored. Statistical comparisons of males / females and the client personas suggested that different people experienced the two ads differently. These findings provided the client with critical information about the appeal and impact of their ads.