THE CLIENT: A large cable network specializing in music-related programming

The Objective

The client was in search of a physiological measure to be used in assessing the level of engagement of viewers, specifically when watching commercials on the client’s network. EyeTracking, Inc’s Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) was selected for this purpose because of its unobtrusiveness and scientific validity.

The Sample

EyeTracking, Inc. recruited and tested a sample of current viewers of the client network in a major Canadian city.

The Methods

Four targeted commercials were embedded within content from several different television channels. Multiple versions of the television clip were created so that each commercial was shown in different placements within the segment. Participants were eye tracked as they watched the targeted materials on an HD television screen. A follow-up engagement questionnaire was included as validation.

The Results

Analysis of ICA data was successful in ranking each network according to viewer engagement. The content within each network segment was also examined, resulting in an engagement score for each individual program. Since the placement of commercials within the segment was partially randomized, it was possible to determine which network yielded the highest engagement across commercial breaks. Viewer feedback supported the physiological data from the ICA. These findings provided the client with an objective measure of their viewers’ engagement to present to potential advertisers.