THE CLIENT: A major U.S. airline

The Objective

Over the course of three separate studies (A, B, C), EyeTracking, Inc. endeavored to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the airline’s email communications, online advertising and self check-in airport kiosks.

The Sample

EyeTracking, Inc. recruited and tested all participants in two major US cities.

Study A consisted of leisure and business travelers interacting with email communications and targeted web features.

Study B consisted of frequent flyers of the client’s airline interacting with web pages including client advertisements.

Study C consisted of actual air travelers at two different airports checking in for their upcoming flight using self check-in kiosks.

The Methods

EyeTracking, Inc. allowed all participants to interact naturally with the targeted materials. Eye movement data and click behavior were recorded during the interactions. After participants had completed all tasks, follow-up questionnaires and ActionReview Interviews were conducted to gather additional information.

The Results

Email Communications: Analysis of feature visibility and user perceptions demonstrated which email designs most effectively communicated with the customer. Nine additional recommendations were provided to improve the impact and visual flow of the chosen emails.

Online Advertisements: Visual attention to online advertisements was frequent, but brief. Analysis of viewing time suggested that attention to some animated flash advertisements did not last long enough for the primary message and branding to be revealed. Average viewing times were provided to the client so that developers could tailor the flash animation of their advertisements to the visual behavior of the user.   

Check-in Kiosks: Careful analysis of visual attention to the display and touch screen activity yielded over 20 recommendations for streamlining the check-in process. These included solutions for usability problems and shortcuts to minimize the total time it takes to check in for both new and experienced users of these kiosks.