THE CLIENT: The world’s leading producer of cereal and other breakfast foods

The Objective

EyeTracking, Inc. was enlisted to help the client choose between three potential package designs for a cereal product. The winning design needed to capture the visual attention of the shopper while clearly conveying an important detail about the product.

The Sample

EyeTracking, Inc. recruited and tested a sample of users of the client product in our packaging research lab in San Diego.

The Methods

Participants interacted with a high-definition virtual shelf including client products and competitors. A series of tasks were designed to collect data on visibility, findability, differentiation, purchase intent and overall appeal. After the interaction participants completed a follow-up questionnaire to provide additional detail.

The Results

Statistical analysis of the data suggested that one of the three designs was superior in search performance, intent to purchase, and overall visibility. However, none of the three designs successfully conveyed the product detail that was of concern to the client. EyeTracking, Inc. recommended the design with the best performance and suggested additional package modifications to ensure that all important information was communicated to the customer.