THE CLIENT: The world’s largest chain of retail warehouse stores

The Objective

The client sought EyeTracking, Inc’s assistance in evaluating the usability and visibility of a new website feature, designed to assist customers with the purchase of high-end electronics. In addition to assessing the feature itself, the client wished to examine comparable tools on competitor sites.

The Sample

EyeTracking, Inc. tested online shoppers in two major US cities who were in the market for a high-end electronics product.

The Methods

Participants were asked to use the client site and two competitor sites to research potential purchases. During each session eye tracking and navigational behavior were recorded. ActionReview™ Interviews were conducted by EyeTracking, Inc. moderators to collect information on user perceptions and opinions.

The Results

EyeTracking, Inc. compared the visibility and usability of each site’s assistive electronics shopping feature on four dimensions: Locating the tool, using the filters, comparing options and selecting a product for purchase. Pros and cons of using each site were demonstrated using statistical results and illustrative visualizations (i.e. GazeSpots, video clips). Additionally, the eye data was used to identify several previously undetected usability issues on the client site. Our actionable recommendations addressed these issues as well as feedback gathered during the interview.