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By EyeTracking Inc. on 10/15/2012 2:05 PM
Gaze-controlled systems have been in the news quite a bit lately. Fujitsu made headlines at CEATAC (the Consumer Electronics Show of Japan) last week when they demoed a prototype tablet that uses eye movements for navigation. In September CNN Tech ran a story about a $30 pair of eye tracking glasses that "opens the door to a new era of hands-free computers, allowing us to use them without a mouse, keyboard or touch screen." Such innovations are certainly impressive, but before we all throw away our antiquated hand-controlled devices and start practicing eye-clicks, let's get some perspective on this application.

History: The technology to control systems with our eyes has been around for about three decades. Since the early 1980s disabled users have benefited greatly from the use of gaze-controlled systems as a means of clicking and typing. As eye tracking has improved, these...