Scientific Applications

SERVICES: Scientific Applications

The potential applications of EyeTracking, Inc.’s work are limitless. Industries that currently utilize our technology for their scientific endeavors include automotive, medical, defense, aviation and psychology. As the list continues to grow, we look forward to hearing your ideas for new directions of research.


EyeTracking Research Innovation

EyeTracking, Inc. has been a leader in eye tracking research innovation for over a decade. We have worked all over the world in a variety of different industries. Our technology and expertise have been applied to:

  • Assess team decisions and cognitive workload for the Department of Defense
  • Improve automotive safety for leading manufacturers
  • Assist the TSA in improving the screening process
  • Measure workload of air traffic controllers for the FAA
  • Create better labeling conventions for the FDA
  • Evaluate surgeons during live and simulated surgery
  • Assess fatigue for NASA lunar training missions
  • Optimize interfaces for sophisticated workstations
  • Research visual behavior in populations with developmental disorders
  • Develop software solutions for the top researchers in the field



The EyeTracking, Inc. research center in San Diego, California is a state-of-the-art facility. We have over 30 eye trackers, including both remote and head-mounted systems. We are capable of recording accurate gaze and pupil data from 60 to 500 Hz. Each client is welcome to observe testing sessions and interviews in person or from their own computer using our live data streaming.

Or, if you aren’t a fan or our weather and beaches here in San Diego, we can test in any other location. All of our equipment is portable. Over the past decade, we have conducted research in just about every type of environment, from surgical operating rooms, on board Navy ships, in cars and busy airports. No matter where you wish to conduct your study, you can expect the same high standard of quality in our work.

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Case Study


Long Island Jewish Hospital Department of Urology

The Objective

The director of Laparoscopic surgery was concerned about the validity of commonly used subjective measures of surgical skill. EyeTracking, Inc’s patented Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) was proposed as an objective measure that might provide a more reliable assessment of surgeons.