Staying on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field takes serious dedication. Our commitment to eyetracking innovation is evident not only in our achievements but also in the creative spirit embodied by our entire staff.



EyeTracking, Inc. applies patented techniques to analyze mental effort, visual attention, and affective response…

  • The Index of Cognitive Activity has been used to measure cognitive workload in diverse areas of research including automotive, defense and medical.
  • Our affective response and cognitive state detection metrics examine the behavior of the eye to provide a valuable vantage into the activity of the brain.
  • Proprietary study design and analysis programs (patented and patent pending) have opened the door for important new directions of eye tracking research.



EyeTracking, Inc. is proud to lead groundbreaking research in a variety of exciting fields of study…

  • Our research with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has improved the way soldiers interact with computer-based systems.
  • Our surgical research with the UCI department of Urology has provided valuable insight into the mind of the surgeon during a live procedure.
  • Our workload research with Transportation Security Administration baggage screeners has helped to improve air travel safety standards.
  • Our automotive research has produced tools designed to evaluate the cognitive state of the driver in simulators and on the road.
  • Our consumer marketing research has revolutionized the way that websites, packages, advertisements and television programs are tested.



Eye tracking is a meta-science. It exists at the intersection of physiology, psychology, mathematics and technology. Our team consists of the top minds in the field of eye tracking as well as the many disciplines of which it is comprised. 

  • We are statisticians, cognitive scientists, experimental design experts, software engineers and usability analysts.
  • We have experience conducting research in laboratories, training simulators, Command and Control centers, grocery stores and operating rooms.
  • We possess the knowledge and the experience to move eye tracking research into the future.