True Head and Eyelid Tracking

True Head and Eyelid Tracking

Facekit Module advances your compatible eye tracker into a powerful 6 Degrees of Freedom head and eyelid tracking solution. Expand your research to track true head position, even when eyes are closed or eye tracking data is lost. Measure eyelid aperture to assess blink duration, rate, and speed, metrics commonly used in fatigue and deception research.

Zero calibration required

6 DoF head tracking

Eyelid tracking

Fast acquisition/reacquisition

Works with most glasses/sunglasses

Performance of Facekit Module

Seamless Solution

Eyelid and head tracking data are generated in parallel to eye tracking data and are available in real-time from the EyeWorks AppConnect SDK. Facekit does not require any calibration, has extremely fast acquisition/reacquisition times, and works with most glasses and partial facial occlusions (from hair/hands and more). This seamless solution is ideal for applied research and simulation environments

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