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“EyeTracking’s technology and test environment provided unique insight into our product’s usability and functionality and it validated the positive impact of the GUI improvements to our latest software redesign. The metrics provided in the final report allowed us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product to our client. The scientific test results confirmed our heuristic field experience and will ensure widespread product acceptance across our customer base.”

Department Manager, Defense Mission Systems
Northrop Grumman Corporation

“The presentation went very well, the team here was very happy with the results and we want to do more eyetracking!! …Thanks again, we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Sr. Manager
Consumer Insights

“The EyeTracking project was a true success. We were able to validate with eye tracking that the beta site was easier to use.” 

VP of Research

Airport Kiosk Usability

The Client
A major U.S. airline

The Objective
Over the course of three separate studies (A, B, C), EyeTracking conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the self-check-in airport kiosks, the airline’s email communications, and online advertising.

The Sample
EyeTracking recruited and tested all participants in two major US cities.

  • Study A consisted of actual air travelers at two different airports checking in for their upcoming flight using self-check-in kiosks.
  • Study B consisted of leisure and business travelers interacting with email communications and targeted web features.
  • Study C consisted of frequent flyers of the client’s airline interacting with web pages, including client advertisements.

The Methods
EyeTracking allowed all participants to interact naturally with the targeted materials. Eye movement data and click behavior were recorded during the interactions. After participants had completed all tasks, follow-up questionnaires and ActionReview Interviews were conducted to gather additional information.

The Results
Check-in Kiosks: Careful analysis of visual attention to the display and touch screen activity yielded over 20 recommendations for streamlining the check-in process. These included solutions for usability problems and shortcuts to minimize the total time it takes to check-in for both new and experienced users of these kiosks.

Email Communications: Analysis of feature visibility and user perceptions demonstrated which email designs most effectively communicated with the customer. Nine additional recommendations were provided to improve the impact and visual flow of the chosen emails.

Online Advertisements: Visual attention to online advertisements was frequent but brief. Analysis of viewing time suggested that attention to some animated ads did not last long enough for the primary message and branding to be revealed. Average viewing times were provided to the client so that developers could tailor the ad animations to the visual behavior of the user.  

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Website Usability

The Client
The world’s largest chain of retail warehouse stores

The Objective
The client sought EyeTracking’s assistance in evaluating the usability and visibility of a new website feature, designed to assist customers with the purchase of high-end electronics. In addition to assessing the element itself, the client wished to examine comparable tools on competitor sites.

EyeTracking tested online shoppers in two major US cities who were in the market for a high-end electronics product.

Participants were asked to use the client site and two competitor sites to research potential purchases. During each session, eye tracking and navigational behavior were recorded. ActionReview™ Interviews were conducted by EyeTracking moderators to collect information on user perceptions and opinions.

EyeTracking compared the visibility and usability of each site’s assistive electronics shopping feature on four dimensions: Locating the tool, using the filters, comparing options, and selecting a product for purchase. The pros and cons of using each site were demonstrated using statistical results and illustrative visualizations. Additionally, the eye data were used to identify several previously undetected usability issues on the client site. Our actionable recommendations addressed these issues as well as feedback gathered during the interview.

“The presentation went very well, the team here was very happy with the results, and we want to do more eyetracking!! Cassie did a fabulous job presenting, and I really appreciate her and the team’s effort for working on such a tight schedule that was kind of crazy—it was great that they just adapted to the last-minute stuff we were trying to make sense of. Please do give everyone a pat on the back for that! Thanks again, we look forward to working with you again in the future! “

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Healthcare Website

The Client
A leading international pharmaceutical company

The Objective
The client was in the process of developing a new version of a website for physicians and other medical professionals. EyeTracking was enlisted to collect usability, visibility, and qualitative data on a prototype of the redesigned site. The research covered a variety of specific functions as well as the aesthetic appeal of the website.

EyeTracking recruited and tested physicians, nurses, and medical office managers who used the site in three major US cities.

Participants were asked to complete 17 tasks designed to test many different areas of the site. Eye tracking, task completion, and click behavior data were recorded throughout the session. After the completion of all tasks, the moderator conducted an ActionReview™ Interview to gather user perceptions and opinions about the site.

Usability and visibility data indicated that participants with experience using the previous version of the site had difficulty transitioning to the new design. Problems included placement of buttons, confusion over labeling, and trouble completing the primary task on the site. EyeTracking demonstrated the source of these problems and also identified successful aspects of the redesign. Seven actionable recommendations were provided for improving visibility, usability, and overall appeal without sacrificing positive features of the new site.

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Transaction Services

The Client
Transaction Services

The Challenge
Usability and acceptance research regarding self-checkout and ordering systems for the food service industry, including quick-serve restaurants and grocery stores.

EyeTracking conducted an in-depth evaluation of a Self-Order Kiosk using a user-centered approach:

  • EyeTracking Interactions with the Self-Order Kiosk client menu (the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world), Follow-up Questionnaire, and Action Review Interview
  • Results: Client realized an average of 24% increase in sales per order conducted on the self-order system.

“After adopting what was learned from the EyeTracking study, our client at a food court in a casino saw its average check go up 24 percent. What is even more impressive is that the casino’s primary clientele are senior citizens on bus tours, a generation often dismissed for being less computer savvy than most.” – Director of marketing programs

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Consumer Experience

The Client
The nation’s premier integrated pharmacy services provider

The Challenge
Understand the consumer experience to gain insight into development efforts for the site and it’s featured, specialized tools.

Actionable items to enhance the layout of the site and utility of the specialized tools, effectively empowering the consumer to manage their prescription benefit plan better.

“The team was not only a pleasure to work with but their insight and willingness to understand our business needs really helped maximize the value of data collection. The project has been a success…” – Senior Analyst, Market Research

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