Mission Critical Systems

Naval fleet

What we did

How do you choose the best design for an essential military security system?

User evaluations are subjective and hard to compare—not good enough for critical environments where seconds matter. So Northrup Grumman, a leading global security company, partnered with EyeTracking to decide whether to roll out their redesign of a mission-critical system that monitors air, surface, and subsurface traffic for Space and Naval Warfare Command.

Active military members with the appropriate background tested both systems using realistic simulation scenarios, while we collected their eye data and applied our patented workload measure, the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA). Using this information in conjunction with self-reported feedback from the operators, we compared the cognitive effort between the two systems and across a range of expertise levels.

The results showed that the new design did not increase the cognitive burden for operators, providing statistically valid evidence to support heuristic findings from field experience. For Northrup Grumman, the value was clear: “The metrics provided in the final report allowed us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product to our client…and ensure widespread product acceptance across our customer base.”

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