Military Training Software

naval fleet at the sea

What we did

How do you find the flaws in a system interface?

Waiting for users to make critical mistakes is definitely not the ideal approach. One defense consulting firm partnered with us to evaluate their new system, a training software program for the INMARSAT satellite phone, which is used aboard the US Navy fleet.

Our study combined data on both task performance and eye movements of military personnel interacting with the software. Visualizations of eye movements showed where participants were missing key information, and our patented Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) identified tasks that demanded excessive mental effort.

Our client used these findings to both improve the software and demonstrate its value before releasing it: “The feedback allowed us to fine-tune our user interface and validated the importance of rich graphics and interactivity in improving student learning and retention. The metrics that were provided in the final report allowed us to demonstrate the effectiveness of this project to our client. I can’t wait to work on the next project!” 

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