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Can data help you teach better?

It did for Panasonic Avionics Corporation. We worked with them to evaluate a training product they created for airline maintenance crews, and the results helped them understand the trainees’ minds in an entirely new way.

While members of the maintenance crew at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines used the training software onsite at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, we tracked both their point of gaze and their cognitive workload using our Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA). Then, we created detailed visualizations of the users’ interactions with each page of the product. The result was a clear, objective picture showing precisely where users became confused, distracted, and mentally overloaded, including where language barriers impeded comprehension.

Leaders at Panasonic found these insights immensely valuable: “Experiencing EyeTracking testing in person was an extraordinary event…We actually observed varying degrees of analytical skills in the methods participants used to review information and then take action.” Panasonic made significant improvements to the software’s interface and content, leading to a much more robust and effective training tool. 

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