Scene Camera

Advance your eye tracker

The Scene Camera Module within EyeTracking’s EyeWorks™ software opens a whole new feature set for your eye tracker. Move away from eye tracking on a computer monitor and track against mobile devices, tablets, printed brochures, musical scores, and even in a car. EyeTracking’s Scene Camera technology is the most powerful and intuitive scene camera solution in the industry, offering a faster calibration, higher resolution recordings, and an easier to use interface than the leading competitor’s.

Easy to configure & calibrate


Records Audio & Video Simultaneously

remote viewing

Shows Real-time point-of-gaze video


Supports HD Cameras & Video


Compatible with most cameras


Test Usability of
Mobile or Tablet Apps

Get more accurate data and crisper video from small displays. For testing mobile devices, EyeWorks™ Scene Camera Module is the only solution with video capture at full native system resolution across the majority of devices on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Physical objects, real world environments, and mobile devices

Test Usability of Mobile or Tablet Apps


Automotive dashboard or aircraft cockpits

Automotive dashboard
or aircraft cockpits

Monitor operator attention and distraction in Vehicles and Cockpits. Multiply the power of your eye tracking by using multiple scene-cameras in multi-view and/or multi-display environments by combining EyeWorks™ Scene Camera Module with EyeWorks™ Multi-Display Module.


monitor display

What users see across Large Data Walls

EyeWorks Scene Camera is compatible with the EyeWorks Workload Module, and Multi-Display Module, making it the most versatile scene camera solution available anywhere.

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