Better Drivers, Safer Vehicles with Eye Tracking & Cognitive Workload Technology

Keep the eyes and mind on the road

Distraction, fatigue, and cognitive overload put drivers—and everyone around them—in the danger zone. DriverReady shows you exactly when and how this happens, so you can give drivers the feedback and support they need to stay safe.

Our solution does much more than track a driver’s gaze. It synchronizes behavior metrics and performance to understand the driver’s attention, mental effort, and cognitive state.

This unobtrusive technology integrates seamlessly with your existing training or testing environment, adding a layer of insight that accelerates driver learning and enhances vehicle design. 

Remote training is no longer just a convenience—it’s an absolute necessity. With our state of the art software, instructors can access DriverReady from anywhere in the world. That means learning never has to stop, no matter where your users are. Contact us to learn more.

Turbo-charge driver training

How do you know when a professional driver is ready to get behind the wheel? Our system tracks a driver’s gaze and cognitive workload as they train, so instructors know who needs more practice and who is ready for the high-speed chase or midnight snowstorm.

Driver’s attention

See the driver’s visual attention and cognitive workload in real-time

Identify overload

Objectively identify when drivers get fatigued, bored, distracted, or overloaded


Compare performance over time and among drivers with ease


Compare performance over time and among drivers with ease

Smarter cars,
safer roads

Distraction is the leading cause of car accidents, and we’re more prone to distraction now than ever before. Our system can assess drivers and identify when their attention wavers before it causes a problem. As the industry moves towards autonomous vehicles, it can also help those cars determine whether a person is ready to resume the driving task after taking a break. 


Design controls and displays that help drivers stay focused


Alert drivers when they are distracted, fatigued, or in another dangerous mental state


Tell autonomous cars when it’s safe to let a human take the wheel


Our system combines several patented technologies that have emerged from two decades of extensive research to measure workload, attention, and distraction.



Impartial results based on eye and brain-based metrics, which can complement traditional performance assessments.


Analyze, compare, and visualize the data to deeply understand driver performance.


DriverReady works with existing training environments and can operate in high-fidelity motion-based simulators, VR, mixed reality, and everywhere in between.

Virtual Reality
Fixed based simulation

DriverReady is designed for high fidelity motion-based simulators, VR, mixed reality and everywhere in between.

Integrate with your system

Contact an EyeTracking representative today to discuss your requirements, and get more information on how to integrate our solutions with your products, Q&A processes.