Remote Solution: EyeWorks + FX3

FX3. Ultimate Versatility

One Solution, Limitless Possibilities

The FX3 eye tracker, powered by EyeWorks, delivers high-performance eye tracking, face tracking, and cognitive workload measurement from one fully portable device. No need to wear any hardware or sensors—our unobtrusive system is ideal for simulation, vehicles, aviation, medical, psychology, and usability research.

EyeWorks Software

Bundled with EyeWorks Premier Software Suite and an advanced feature set, the FX3 provides ultimate versatility in a plug-and-play solution.

Precision eye tracking in a fully portable, unobtrusive system. Connects to your PC using the included USB 3 cable.

EyeWorks Premier provides the complete set of tools needed to support the study workflow. From study design, data recording, and subject debriefing to comprehensive analysis, visualization, reporting, and data export. EyeWorks Premier with the FX3 eye tracker does it all in a single, easy to use solution.

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EyeTracking’s powerful software addresses the important need to be able to record eye tracking data across multiple screens or a variety of modalities simultaneously.

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Eye-track mobile devices, printed materials, kiosks, real-world objects, and in-vehicle systems.

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Powerful Upgrades
Completely non-intrusive face and brain-based metrics, no additional hardware needed.

The Workload Module integrates ICA-based workload assessment seamlessly into EyeWorks software. Workload data can be rendered during data collection, synched to eye data, visualized for analysis, exported as CSV, and examined statistically using the EyeWorks Reports tool.

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Eyelid and 6 DoF head tracking data are generated in parallel to eye tracking data and are available in real-time. Zero calibration required, fast acquisition/reacquisition and works with most glasses/sunglasses. This seamless solution is ideal for applied research and simulation environments.

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Need a larger tracking area? We’ve got you covered, seamlessly link FX3 cameras to increase your tracking range.

Measure attention and workload in any environment

Multiple displays
Dynamic Content
Mobile devices
High Fidelity Simulators
Physical Objects
Real World Settings
Laptops/ Desktops
Projection Screens

High standard of flexibility usability and scientific validity


Easy to Use

Large head box for ease of setup, calibration and data collection. Capture reliable data without the need to reposition cameras to accommodate different sized participants.


Robustness to Light

Resilient to reflections caused when users wear glasses or sunglasses, and resistant to ambient light that may be present in your environment.


Versatile Implementation

Multiple configuration and mounting options make for a simple installation of the small form factor FX3 into simulation consoles and cockpits.


Ultimate flexibility

The industry's most advanced and easy to use Scene Camera capability offers a range of testing options.



Natively integrated with leading simulation products. Included SDK enables easy integration in your own software.


Expanded Tracking Area

Track across more than one screen with a single eye tracker. Multiple screen eye tracking data can be loaded into EyeWorks Premier to utilize the same powerful analysis, visualization, and statistical features that are available for single screen testing. Need to track a larger area? Seamlessly combine FX3 cameras to increase your tracking range


Powerful Upgrades

Add on Facekit and the Workload Module for a completely non-intrusive device to include face and brain-based metrics, opening up entirely new opportunities for training, skills transfer, and performance optimization.

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