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EyeTracking, Inc., founded by Dr. Sandra Marshall and several colleagues from the Cognitive Ergonomics Research Facility at San Diego State University, emerged from two decades of federally funded research in cognition and assessment. Our revolutionary methods were developed to accommodate the needs of the US Department of Defense. In February of 1999 EyeTracking, Inc. was established to offer the same technology and expertise to the commercial sector.

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February 1999 EyeTracking, Inc. is founded as the first full-service company specializing in eye tracking research for usability testing.
March 1999 The Index of Cognitive Activity is patented, providing researchers with an unobtrusive pupil-based measure of cognitive workload.
September 1999 EyeTracking, Inc’s GazeSpot graphic (rendering visual attention as a heat map) was publically presented for the first time at ECEM and has since become the most recognizable eye tracking graphic rendering.
January 2001 EyeTracking, Inc. opens its package design research lab. This early CPG research endeavor paved the way for today’s cutting edge research.
March 2001 EyeTracking, Inc’s affective response metric is patented to measure sensory attraction and aversion to visual stimuli (e.g. advertisements, movies, etc.)
March 2002 EyeTracking, Inc. collaborates with leading researchers worldwide integrating various physiological sensors such as EEG, fNIR, and cardiovascular arousal instruments as part of DARPA's Augmented Cognition program.
September 2003 EyeTracking, Inc. develops real time cognitive assessment tools for human-in-the-loop research.
December 2003 EyeTracking uses its innovative Quad Server software to integrate multiple physiological sensors for Human-in-the-Loop feedback experiment with Boeing.
July 2005 Dr. Sandra Marshall receives Darpa’s AugCog Foundation Award for her contributions to the improvement of human-computer interaction.
October 2005 CONNECT names EyeTracking, Inc. as a finalist in its Most Innovative New Product competition.
November 2005 EyeTracking, Inc. featured in ITNOW magazine article about “the future of computing.”
November 2005 EyeTracking, Inc. patents new techniques to analyze dynamic areas of interest in digital media.
November 2005 EyeTracking, Inc. patents new techniques to optimize eye tracking package studies.
February 2006 EyeTracking, Inc’s Cognitive State Detection metric is patented.
July 2006 The ActionReview™ Interview is developed to combine objective data on visual behavior with subjective feedback on participant’s perceptions and expectations.
February 2009 EyeTracking, Inc. celebrates 10 years of research excellence.
May 2009 EyeTracking, Inc. releases EyeWorks™, a breakthrough software package designed to manage all aspects of eye tracking research.
November 2009 EyeTracking, Inc. releases commercial version of Quad Server™ to provide researchers with a flexible and powerful data integration tool.
September 2010 EyeTracking, Inc’s surgical research with the University of California-Irvine receives top award at World Congress of Endourology.
April 2012 EyeTracking, Inc is awarded a patent for novel techniques in analyzing Dynamic Areas of Interest.
October 2013 EyeTracking, Inc is awarded a second patent for novel techniques in analyzing Dynamic Areas of Interest.
December 2013 EyeTracking, Inc is awarded a patent for novel techniques to optimize package research eye tracking studies.
January 2014 EyeTracking, Inc’s EyeWorks™software becomes the first eye tracking software to enable simultaneous recording and live view across multiple displays in high-defintion.
February 2014 EyeTracking, Inc runs first known research study using an Ultra-HD display using it's EyeWorks™ software.