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If you’ve made the leap into eye tracking research, you’ve probably discovered that there are a lot of tough questions to answer - Which type of eye tracker is best-suited for your project? What system specs should you be paying attention to? Is there an eye tracking hardware/software package out there that meets your research goals and your research budget? After nearly two decades of innovative work in almost every area of eye tracking research, it’s safe to say that we’re qualified to help find what you’re looking for.

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Our Eye Trackers:


EyeTracking Inc.’s EyeWorks software is compatible with hardware from all of the major manufacturers. When it comes to eye tracker sales, this gives us an advantage that any researcher can appreciate: objectivity. Because we support so many different systems, we aren’t compelled to recommend any specific one. The eye tracker that we suggest for you will be the eye tracker that best fits the objectives of your project. Tell us about your research, and we'll help you design the ideal setup for your eye tracking lab. We are able to offer most eye tracking hardware systems bundled with EyeWorks eye tracking software:

  • Seeing Machines
  • Tobii Technology
  • SR Research
  • Ergoneers
  • Eyetech
  • SMI
  • LC Technolgies
  • Mirametrix

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EyeWorks Feature Compatibility:

EyeWorks™ continues to lead the evolution of eye tracking. The Compatibility Matrix below lists advanced feature compatibility for each of the systems supported by EyeWorks.

Available EyeWorks Features
Standard Data Collection & Analysis Cognitive Workload Module Scene Camera Data Collection Multi-Display Data Collection

Seeing Machines
Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Tobii Technology
Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark  
T/X3-120, T/X2-60, TX2-30

Tobii Technology
Check Mark   Check Mark  
EyeLink II, 1000 / 1000+

SR Research
Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark  
DG3, Dikablis Pro


Check Mark

EyeTech D.S.
Check Mark   Check Mark  

Check Mark   Check Mark  
EyeFollower / 600

LC Technology
Check Mark      
Legacy Eye Trackers

Tobii Technology (TX300, TX60, TX120, X1, X2)
SMI (REDn scientific, ETG 2, RED 250 / 500 / m)
Seeing Machines (faceLab 5)
Arrington Research (ViewPoint)
Mirametrix (S2)
Check Mark   Check Mark