EyeWorks™ is the only eye tracking software developed by researchers for researchers. This powerful package is compatible with more eye trackers than any other platform and includes all the tools you’ll need to conduct advanced research in any field. Design your study. Collect your data. Analyze your results. It’s as simple as it is effective.

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EyeWorks™ Design is used to construct a testing script for your participants. This simple and intuitive program allows you to present a wide range of stimuli during eye data collection. The following task types may be included in your EyeWorks™ testing script:

  • Instructions: Present scenarios, directions and other text to participants.
  • Questions: Include free answer, likert or multi choice in your testing script.
  • Pictures: Show high-resolution images, singly or as part of a sequence.
  • Videos: Insert high-definition WMV or AVI video into your testing script.
  • Website: Launch websites to collect eye data, click and scrolling info.
  • External Applications: Test software, simulators or any other application.



EyeWorks™ Record is used to manage the collection of data and launch appropriate test stimuli. However, the recording of eye tracking data is only the beginning, as this program offers several advanced features, many of which are only available through EyeWorks™.

Advanced Data Collection:

  • Capture eye data, mouse clicks, scrolling and key presses
  • Record audio and video of each testing session
  • Compatible with most eye tracking hardware

Advanced Viewing Options:

  • Real-time viewing of on-screen eye movement data
  • Live streaming of testing sessions for remote viewing
  • Picture-in-picture display of participants

Additional Advanced Features:

  • Eye tracking-enhanced interview capability (ActionReview™)
  • Scene Camera and Multi-Screen data collection
  • Real-time cognitive workload rendering*

*The Workload Module is not compatible with all eye-tracking hardware. Please contact EyeTracking, Inc. for an updated list of systems that support the Workload Module.



EyeWorks™ Analyze provides several advanced rendering and data analysis options - all of the tools necessary to get the most out of your eye tracking research. This application is capable of generating a variety of eye data graphics designed to demonstrate visual behavior trends for one participant or an aggregate group. EyeWorks™ Analyze also provides the means to export eye tracking video segments for one or more subjects. Graphic and video outputs include:

  • GazeSpots
  • GazeTraces
  • GazeStats
  • GazeClusters
  • GazeClips
  • Video GazeSpots
  • Bee Swarm Videos
  • Spotlight Videos

EyeWorks™ Analyze does more than just illustrate visual behavior; it also quantifies it. Data including gaze position, fixations, task time, mouse clicks, question responses, pupil size and workload can be analyzed using our reporting tool. Generate intuitive charts, graphs and tables. Export your results to any standard statistical analysis package for further analysis.

EYE Data and more


The ability to track the path of the eye is obviously quite valuable, but most research in this field includes mulitple inputs. For this reason EyeWorks™ collects and analyzes more than just eye position data. The list includes:

  • Fixations
  • Blinks
  • Cognitive Workload (ICA*)
  • Pupil Size
  • Timing Information
  • Mouse Clicks
  • Key Presses
  • Scrolling
  • Interview Responses
  • Questionnaire Results

*The Workload Module is not compatible with all eye-tracking hardware. Please contact EyeTracking, Inc. for an updated list of systems that support the Workload Module.

Research Applications


EyeWorks™ is designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of research areas such as…

  • Web Usability
  • Package Design
  • POS/Signage
  • Software/ Interface Usability
  • Printed Materials
  • High Fidelity Simulators
  • Video Games
  • Advertising
  • Television/Film
  • Human Factors Research
  • Psychology / Neurology Research
  • Medical Studies

Advanced Features


EyeWorks™ is uniquely suited to address many of the common obstacles in eye tracking research. Cutting edge features newly available in the current version of EyeWorks™ include…

  • Tracking Multiple Video Sources
  • Scene Camera compatibility
  • Tracking Hi-res/def Images/Video
  • New Data-Rendering Graphics
  • Advanced Video Export Options
  • Eye tracking Enhanced Interviews
  • Visibility Stats for Moving Content
  • Simplified Analysis Interface

Video Overview

Watch the above video to see an overview of EyeWorks™ features and capabilities…

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