• FX3 Eye Tracker
  • Cognitive Workload
  • Scientific Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Market Research

Usability Testing

The interaction between the user and the screen is mediated by the eye. We evaluate usability based on visual behavior as well as clicks, errors and interview feedback.

Marketing Research

The eye is the window to the mind of the consumer. We use advanced eye tracking technology along with traditional methods to meet your marketing research objectives.

Scientific Applications

The potential uses for eye tracking are limitless. As industry leaders, we have applied our technology and expertise in a range of important fields of science.


The success of your eye tracking study depends on the effectiveness of your software. We have developed the tools to take your research to the next level.

Cognitive Workload

The ability to measure mental effort is invaluable. Our patented cognitive workload algorithm captures a direct signal from the brain as it is transmitted through the pupil.


The researchers at EyeTracking, Inc. wear many hats. From marketing and usability to software and science, we have driven innovation in eye tracking for over a decade.