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Aug 3

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On Wednesday, July 28, 2005 Sandra Marshall, CEO, EyeTracking, Inc., was presented with a Foundation Award by CDR (Sel) Dylan Schmorrow, Program Manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) AugCog Program. The Foundation Award was presented to those individuals that have made direct contributions to the establishment of a new frontier in human computer interaction: Augmented Cognition.

Augmented Cognition is an emerging field of research that seeks to extend a user’s abilities via computational technologies that are explicitly designed to address bottlenecks, limitations, and biases in cognition.

About DARPA’s AugCog program
The mission of this DARPA program is to extend, by an order of magnitude or more, the information management capacity of the human-computer warfighting integral by developing and demonstrating quantifiable enhancements to human performance in diverse, stressful, operational environments. Specifically, this program will empower one human’s ability to successfully accomplish the functions currently carried out by three or more individuals. The main goal of this program is to develop a closed loop computational system in which the computer adapts to the state of the warfighter to significantly improve performance.

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking, Inc. is a San Diego, California company that delivers high quality eye-tracking services for commercial, government and military applications. Using patented methodologies, EyeTracking, Inc. integrates point-of-gaze metrics with new pupil-derived estimates of mental effort to determine where people look, what holds their attention, and the level of cognitive processing that occurs. From complex human computer interaction with critical systems, to market research for advertising, package design or websites, to providing expertise in building Cognitively Aware Computational Systems, EyeTracking, Inc. is committed to delivering solutions to important problems.

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