EyeTracking Enters Cooperative R&D Agreement (CRADA) with U.S. Army

Aeromedical Research Lab will use eye-tracking tech to support aviator health & safety

Solana Beach, CA: The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) has entered a cooperative R&D agreement with EyeTracking, LLC, a San Diego company that uses eye-tracking technology to objectively measure human performance. The mission of the USAARL is to preserve the health and safety of Army aviation personnel and other Warfighters while optimizing mission effectiveness. That includes developing secure ways to monitor their physiological, psychological, and performance status under operational conditions.

The systems developed by EyeTracking directly support that objective. They monitor eye and pupil movements to track users’ attention and measure cognitive workload and cognitive state. This information, processed using proprietary algorithms, can be used to quantify human performance in real time.

Through this partnership, the USAARL will use EyeTracking’s PilotReady® software to develop real-time systems for monitoring the health and safety of military personnel during missions. The goal is to tailor the software to operational conditions, first in laboratory studies, then flight tests with military aircraft and personnel. 

The project supports Future Vertical Lift, an effort across the U.S. Armed Forces to develop a new generation of military helicopters. It also supports Military Operational Medicine Research Programs in three areas: 1) Trust in Automation, 2) Studies on Workload, and 3) Effects of Hypoxia and Fatigue.

Together, EyeTracking and the USAARL will:

  • Develop instrumentation for real-time monitoring of military aviators and other Warfighters during missions
  • Generate scientific insights about the physiological and psychological status of Army Warfighters and aircrew
  • Create methods for real-time monitoring of operator states, reserve resources, functionality, and competencies

“We are thrilled to partner with the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory to support aviator health and safety and mission effectiveness,” said EyeTracking President James Weatherhead. “Our solutions equip instructors with the data they need to enhance training today, as well as host a range of deep technical capabilities to develop integrated and automated training solutions for the future.”

About EyeTracking, LLC: EyeTracking is based in San Diego and has pioneered the field of applied eye-tracking research for over two decades, transforming scientific advances into practical tools that put people and systems in perfect sync. Whether in an operational setting, a full motion-based simulator, or VR, the goals are the same: better decisions, fewer errors, and a faster path from novice to expert.

Media Contacts
James Weatherhead, President: +1 619.265.1840

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EyeTracking & Varjo Partner to Enable Cognitive Workload Analytics from VR/XR Simulations

Varjo’s mixed and virtual reality headsets are now fully compatible with EyeTracking’s latest training-based software solutions, enabling behavioral insights from immersive training, surgical simulations, and human-machine interface development.

Varjo Flight

Key Benefits: 

  • Virtual reality training is safer and more affordable than a physical simulation environment.
  • The rich behavioral insights gained with Varjo’s VR and EyeTracking’s software solutions can accelerate the learning process for professionals across industries.
  • Together, Varjo and EyeTracking help learners acquire critical skills quickly, safely, and cost-effectively before they advance into expensive, high-fidelity simulations or high-stakes, real-world contexts.

Translate measurable eye movements into actionable insights

“We are thrilled to partner with Varjo to create an incredibly rich and effective VR-based training solution,” says James Weatherhead, CTO and President of EyeTracking. “Varjo enables experiencing the highest-quality virtual environment possible, and we give instructors the tools to help their students master that environment.”

The eyes are the windows to the brain. They don’t just connect people with the complex systems that keep us safe and healthy in the modern world. They also reveal how our mind responds to those systems. This is the key to perfecting both the design of the systems and the training of the people who use them.

For over two decades, the EyeTracking team has been developing tools that translate measurable eye movements and cognitive workload metrics into actionable insights about human behavior. This technology adds value in any context that involves human-machine interaction, from hospitals to military bases, and everywhere in between.

EyeTracking recently launched new training-focused solutions tailored for four such simulation environments: PilotReadyTMSurgeonReadyTMDriverReadyTM and SystemReadyTM. These applications help assess human performance accurately, pinpoint distractions and cognitive overload, and reveal how both the operators and the interface can improve.

Now, EyeTracking has made their software compatible with Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality headsets, including the new Varjo XR-3 and VR-3. With Varjo devices and EyeTracking’s solutions, professionals have the ability to gain high-quality human-performance metrics from the most demanding VR/AR/XR simulation scenarios.

Pioneering solutions for VR-based training and performance assessment

With the industry’s highest resolution across the widest field of view, Varjo headsets power true-to-life VR applications and keeps trainees fully immersed and engaged. Trainees can replicate the exact feeling and conditions of real-life scenarios. Varjo headsets also feature built-in eye tracking at 200 Hz.

“Varjo enables experiencing the highest-quality virtual environment possible.” – James Weatherhead, EyeTracking

Combining Varjo’s industrial-grade hardware with EyeTracking’s analytics platform, organizations can now objectively measure the proficiency of personnel as they progress through their VR-based training programs.

“With Varjo headsets, professionals can perform at their highest level in virtual reality, while our systems help trainers get inside the perspective of another human being. Together, we provide the tools to optimize systems and train users to perform proficiently, especially when the stakes are high, and the pressure is on,” James Weatherhead says.

Deliver training and feedback anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the rich data available through Varjo and EyeTracking, instructors can maximize the rate of learning by providing personalized, targeted feedback at exactly the right time. They can also evaluate proficiency with greater confidence, to determine when individuals are ready to move on to riskier, higher-stakes tasks.

“Our software solution reveals precisely when and why trainees struggle or excel—for example, whether they were distracted, overloaded, confused, or focused on the wrong things. This rich information makes the training process both faster and safer,” Weatherhead explains.

EyeTracking’s platform utilizes eye tracking data, such as gaze location and patented pupil dilation metrics, to quantify patterns of attention and cognitive workload in real-time. Instructors can flag behaviors as they happen and debrief learners easily, providing the timely and accurate feedback they need to accelerate their progress.

Furthermore, EyeTracking’s reporting application is fully cloud-based. This enables real-time comparison of individuals or groups, as well as progress tracking over time. Data can be collected at one location and viewed at another, so training and feedback can be delivered anytime, anywhere, for individuals as well as groups.

Combine this with the portability of Varjo’s VR/XR headsets, and companies can train their workforce fully remotely.

“We are thrilled to welcome EyeTracking to our Varjo-ready software ecosystem. Together, our hardware and software tools enable unprecedented training and research opportunities for professionals across industries,” says Geoff Bund, head of business development at Varjo.

Contact EyeTracking today to learn more or email info@eyetracking.com

EyeTracking, Inc. Releases Cognitive Workload for Wearable Devices

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

EyeTracking, Inc., leaders in eye tracking software, analytics and expertise, announced the official release of its revolutionary cognitive workload algorithm with support for Tobii Pro’s eye tracking glasses. This integration represents a major step forward in the domain of wearable-based research solutions for improving human performance, user interfaces and training.

EyeTracking, Inc’s cognitive workload algorithm, the Index of Cognitive Activity™, enables a real-time measure of cognitive workload from non-contact and unobtrusive cameras in the headset. By monitoring changes in the pupil, we can quantify the amount of mental effort being expended at any given moment. The algorithm is currently available in EyeTracking’s EyeWorks™ software product. EyeTracking’s workload metric has successfully been used in measurement of interface difficulty, research into concussion and traumatic brain injury, training in complex environments, and operator performance monitoring.

“We are excited to officially announce support for Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with our cognitive workload algorithm. This integration now allows our customers to measure cognitive workload in all facets of their research in any environment,” said James Weatherhead, President, EyeTracking, Inc. “We are proud to be able to formalize our relationship with Tobii Pro to supply a turnkey hardware and software solution for wearable-based research.”

“EyeTracking, Inc.’s workload metric will be a great complement to our customers who are already using Tobii Pro Glasses 2 to improve training and operator performance. Our partnership opens up new avenues of research such as the implications high cognitive workload have on a pilot’s or surgeon’s visual attention,” said Tom Englund, President Tobii Pro, global leader in eye tracking research solutions.

Tobii Pro is the global leader in eye tracking research solutions providing businesses and academic institutions with tools spanning from high performance hardware systems – desktop and wearable – to software and cloud to consulting and services.

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking, Inc. specializes in creating tools and algorithms that interpret eye-based data into useful and objective metrics for improving, training, usability and performance. EyeTracking’s clients include the US Navy, FAA, NASA, Sandia National Labs, and a range of Fortune 500 companies. The Index of Cognitive Activity™ is patented per US 6,090,051 and all International Counterparts.

Media Contacts

James Weatherhead, President: +1 619.265.1840

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EyeTracking, Inc. Issued Key Patent

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

EyeTracking, Inc. announced today the issuance by the United States Patent Office, of a patent that covers a person’s interest, or attention to objects automatically or manually identified in a video stream. 

This patent (9,077,463) is a continuation of two other issued patents owned by EyeTracking, Inc. that are used in the company’s EyeWorks™ software product. However, the claims protect uses far beyond the EyeWorks software application. Imagine safety applications that could be developed if your car could know whether the driver had seen the cyclist or pedestrian in front of it, or if your new AR Glasses could bring up information about objects that you looked at as you visited a new city or country.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this important patent in the field of eye tracking. We believe that the claims in this patent will play an important role in incorporating eye tracking, and head tracking into augmented reality and mixed reality headsets as well as in other fields such as automotive ADAS systems.” said James Weatherhead, President, EyeTracking, Inc.”. This patent stems back from a filing in 2005, and is a testament to our ability to continually think outside the box to create new inventions that the world will use”. 
This patent adds to the list of other key patents in the field of EyeTracking that are owned by the company, including the ability to measure cognitive workload through changes in pupil dilation, as well as the ability to report the cognitive state of a person from changes in a person’s eye data and other physiology. 

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking, Inc. specializes in creating tools and algorithms that convey meaning from eye based data. Its technology is incorporated into products it sells directly to end customers, as well as licensed to others for use in their products. EyeTracking’s clients include the US Navy, FAA, NASA, Sandia National Labs, and a range of Fortune 500 companies.

Media Contacts
James Weatherhead, President: +1 619.265.1840

Original Press Release can be viewed at Business Wire

EyeTracking, Inc. named exclusive distributor of new FOVIO eye tracker

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

Seeing Machines (AIM: SEE), a world leader in computer vision related technologies that help machines understand people by tracking and interpreting human faces and eyes, is pleased to announce the signing of EyeTracking Inc. as distributor of Seeing Machines’ latest eye-tracking platform, FOVIO. EyeTracking Inc. will have exclusive distribution rights, bundling their industry-leading suite of software and analytic tools with Seeing Machines’ world-class gaze-tracking technology platform, to the eyetracking research market.

Since 2009, EyeTracking Inc. has been a key distributor of Seeing Machines’ previous eye-tracking platform, FaceLAB. Seeing Machines’ new FOVIO product reinvents eye-tracking capability to deliver higher performance, better accuracy and simpler set up.

EyeTracking Inc., founded in 1999, continues to pioneer the eye-tracking industry with recent patents for novel techniques in analysing ‘dynamic areas of interest’ and it’s software suite, EyeWorks™, eye tracking software to enable simultaneous recording and live view across multiple displays in high-definition.

James Weatherhead, President of EyeTracking Inc. said: “We’re delighted to partner with Seeing Machines to continue serving our customers with the latest generation technology platform. It’s truly exciting to think about the potential future breakthroughs made possible with the robust eye-tracking performance that FOVIO offers.”

Ken Kroeger, CEO of Seeing Machines said: “Given the great relationship that we’ve developed with ETI, and their pioneering work in developing a robust suite of analytic tools, we’re confident that this is the right team to work with to empower the eye-tracking research community. Our entire focus is on our mission to save lives by leveraging operator monitoring technologies. Our approach is to develop strong relationships with the best companies in any market we target. EyeTracking Inc. is the right partner to build sales of our FOVIO product for the specialist research market, allowing us to focus our sales efforts on the large global markets for automotive, mining, transport and aviation applications.”

About Seeing Machines
Seeing Machines, (AIM: SEE), is an AIM-listed technology company that specialises in operator monitoring and intervention technologies and services. Its software and engineering services are used in products and applications that range from devices that improve driver safety and save lives to assessing trainees in simulators and simplifying the relationships between people and technology. Seeing Machines technology is used worldwide across the automotive, mining, transport and aviation industries; as well as many of the leading academic research groups and transportation authorities. Seeing Machines is headquartered in Australia, and has offices in Tucson, Arizona and Mountain View, California. The Company counts Caterpillar and EyeTracking Inc. as its partners and BHP Billiton, Freeport McMoran, Teck and Toll Holdings amongst its customers.

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking Inc., founded by Dr. Sandra Marshall and several colleagues from the Cognitive Ergonomics Research Facility at San Diego State University, emerged from two decades of federally funded research in cognition and assessment. Revolutionary methods were developed to accommodate the needs of the US Department of Defense. In February of 1999 EyeTracking Inc. was established to offer the same technology and expertise to the commercial sector. EyeTracking Inc. is a leading provider of eye tracking services, software and expertise. It offers full-service marketing research and usability testing, and bespoke development of eye-tracking solutions. EyeTracking Inc. counts Boeing – Phantom works, DARPA, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MSN, and FAA amongst its customers.

iPhone 6 Eye Tracking and the FOVIO Eye Tracker

iPhone 6

Scene Camera Data Collection – Mobile / Tablet Example

Testing on a monitor, testing with a projector, testing on a laptop, a Command and Control Station, a TV… the list goes on. Where ever a person meets machine, there is a way that eye tracking can be employed. As new interfaces and devices are released, eye tracking must evolve to ensure that it can be used easily with those devices.

The latest such device was released yesterday, and that’s when mine turned up in the mail – I am of course referring to the much anticipated iPhone 6. Here at EyeTracking, we have many customers that use our EyeWorks software to test mobile apps on a variety of devices. We ourselves, run usability services (using EyeWorks or course), for a range of companies testing mobile apps. As we had an iPhone 6 in hand, we thought we should perform a quick test to ensure that all is working well between EyeWorks and the latest top end phone on the market.  

For those that have not used the EyeWorks Scene Camera Module yet, it is the most easy to use and powerful scene camera solution on the market. We will get more into this in a future blog. Just to make things more interesting, we decided to use the newest eye tracker on the market –the much talked about FOVIO system from Seeing Machines. The first production system of FOVIO only started shipping to the research community this week too, so it seemed only too fitting to use it for this test.

Setup took around about 3 minutes, and we recorded simultaneous and synchronized high-definition videos of the iPhone 6 screen and Picture-in-Picture view of the subject’s hands. There is no geometry configuration needed, just click start, calibrate four points and everything else is running.

Click the embedded clip below to view the raw unedited video from our test. We’ll be sure to post more in the near future, so be sure to check back often and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Contact our sales team if you are interested in learning more about EyeWorks or any of our other products and services.

Featured image from Unsplash.

The Ladders Conducts Landmark Resume Research with EyeWorks Eye Tracking Software

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

The Ladders, a leading online job-matching service, recently conducted the “first formal, quantitative study of recruiters’ on-the-job behavior.” The study utilized EyeTracking, Inc.’s EyeWorks software to examine visual behavior during resume and profile review.

Results suggested that recruiters only spend about six seconds reviewing each individual resume. Furthermore, attention during that brief time is focused heavily on a select few sections of information. The implication is clear: recruiters make their decisions very quickly, based only on the most relevant aspects of the applicant’s qualifications. These and other important conclusions are reported by the ladders.com with the following acknowledgement:

“The eyes and eye-tracking technology have given us valuable insight – and valid data – about recruiters’ behavior. While we may never be able to read recruiters’ minds, this study gives us a much clearer view of what they are thinking and how they make decisions.”

We are pleased that EyeWorks eye tracking software played a role in this interesting research.

Read the full report here or click here to learn more about EyeWorks.

EyeTracking in Live Surgery – Project Wins Top Award

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

EyeTracking, Inc. has been working with a top team of surgeons at UC Irvine Medical Center. Using state-of-the-art eyetracking technology and our revolutionary Index of Cognitive Workload ICA metric we monitored a team of surgeons over a year performing live surgeries. This ground breaking research was recently presented at the World Congress of Endourology by UCI and was named ‘Best’ of the 900 presented.

See the UCI news release

To learn more about our unique medical research services contact an EyeTracking representative at +1 (619) 265-1840.

Continental Airlines is “Bowled Over by EyeTracking’s High-Tech Capabilities”

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

EyeTracking, Inc recently performed a website usability evaluation for Continental airlines. The study consisted of a detailed assessment of the homepage and customer email communications. We were able to uncover some very interesting trends based on the eye movements, click behavior and subjective feedback of airline customers. Our friends at Continental were so impressed with their experience with EyeTracking that they decided to highlight the study in ‘Continental Quarterly.’