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Any eye tracking tool can show what a person is looking at. Ours takes a giant leap further: it reveals how hard they’re thinking, too.

Put people and systems in perfect sync.

Our unique eye tracking solutions, validated by two decades of scientific research, provide the tools you need to optimize systems and train users that perform flawlessly, especially when the stakes are high and the pressure is on.

See the world through their eyes.

Our systems help you get inside the perspective of another human being. We’ve led the industry for over twenty years, applying eye tracking technology in labs, simulators, airports, operating rooms, military bases, and just about everywhere in between. 

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Bring your performance goals within reach.

Knowing where the user is looking isn’t enough. You need to understand what it means so you can perfect your systems, level up your users, and get the results you care about. That’s why our eye tracking solutions take you beyond the raw data to actionable insights. 

If you’re seeking deeper insight into human behavior, we can help. Our non-invasive eye tracking and cognitive workload metrics were born in a university lab, and we’ve refined them over decades to address the unique obstacles that researchers face. Explore how our eye tracking software and professional services can help you study people in just about any environment.

Advanced Modules

Extend your eye tracking capabilities with Advanced Software Modules for EyeWorks

To see the brain, watch the eyes. To change it, train them.

The eyes are a two-way path to the mind’s inner workings. In one direction, you can observe a person’s attention, mental effort, and cognitive state through their eye movements and pupil reactions. In the other, you can boost focus and performance by teaching them to use their eyes in particular ways.

Our Work


Discovery and Innovation

Science is in our blood. Our founders are leading academic researchers, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of this field with creative, practical, and challenging investigations.

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Intellectual Property

Our patents include techniques for analyzing both the movement of the gaze (Dynamic Areas of Interest) and the pupil contractions that indicate cognitive workload (Index of Cognitive Activity). Combined, they create a proprietary method to identify cognitive states like distraction, fatigue, overload, and more.


Leading Research

We’ve partnered with top organizations to lead groundbreaking research in a variety of fields, including national defense & security, aviation, medicine, automotive, and marketing.

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New Frontiers

Our most recent projects are improving safety and care for all types of people, including patients with brain conditions, soldiers on high-stress missions, and drivers at the wheel of a car.

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