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EyeTracking, Inc. Issued Key Patent

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EyeTracking, Inc. announced today the issuance by the United States Patent Office, of a patent that covers a person’s interest, or attention to objects automatically or manually identified in a video stream. 

This patent (9,077,463) is a continuation of two other issued patents owned by EyeTracking, Inc. that are used in the company’s EyeWorks™ software product. However, the claims protect uses far beyond the EyeWorks software application. Imagine safety applications that could be developed if your car could know whether the driver had seen the cyclist or pedestrian in front of it, or if your new AR Glasses could bring up information about objects that you looked at as you visited a new city or country.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this important patent in the field of eye tracking. We believe that the claims in this patent will play an important role in incorporating eye tracking, and head tracking into augmented reality and mixed reality headsets as well as in other fields such as automotive ADAS systems.” said James Weatherhead, President, EyeTracking, Inc.”. This patent stems back from a filing in 2005, and is a testament to our ability to continually think outside the box to create new inventions that the world will use”. 
This patent adds to the list of other key patents in the field of EyeTracking that are owned by the company, including the ability to measure cognitive workload through changes in pupil dilation, as well as the ability to report the cognitive state of a person from changes in a person’s eye data and other physiology. 

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking, Inc. specializes in creating tools and algorithms that convey meaning from eye based data. Its technology is incorporated into products it sells directly to end customers, as well as licensed to others for use in their products. EyeTracking’s clients include the US Navy, FAA, NASA, Sandia National Labs, and a range of Fortune 500 companies.

Media Contacts
James Weatherhead, President: +1 619.265.1840

Original Press Release can be viewed at Business Wire

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