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The Ladders Conducts Landmark Resume Research with EyeWorks Eye Tracking Software

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The Ladders, a leading online job-matching service, recently conducted the “first formal, quantitative study of recruiters’ on-the-job behavior.” The study utilized EyeTracking, Inc.’s EyeWorks software to examine visual behavior during resume and profile review.

Results suggested that recruiters only spend about six seconds reviewing each individual resume. Furthermore, attention during that brief time is focused heavily on a select few sections of information. The implication is clear: recruiters make their decisions very quickly, based only on the most relevant aspects of the applicant’s qualifications. These and other important conclusions are reported by the with the following acknowledgement:

“The eyes and eye-tracking technology have given us valuable insight – and valid data – about recruiters’ behavior. While we may never be able to read recruiters’ minds, this study gives us a much clearer view of what they are thinking and how they make decisions.”

We are pleased that EyeWorks eye tracking software played a role in this interesting research.

Read the full report here or click here to learn more about EyeWorks.

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