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EyeTracking, Inc. Releases Cognitive Workload for Wearable Devices

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EyeTracking, Inc., leaders in eye tracking software, analytics and expertise, announced the official release of its revolutionary cognitive workload algorithm with support for Tobii Pro’s eye tracking glasses. This integration represents a major step forward in the domain of wearable-based research solutions for improving human performance, user interfaces and training.

EyeTracking, Inc’s cognitive workload algorithm, the Index of Cognitive Activity™, enables a real-time measure of cognitive workload from non-contact and unobtrusive cameras in the headset. By monitoring changes in the pupil, we can quantify the amount of mental effort being expended at any given moment. The algorithm is currently available in EyeTracking’s EyeWorks™ software product. EyeTracking’s workload metric has successfully been used in measurement of interface difficulty, research into concussion and traumatic brain injury, training in complex environments, and operator performance monitoring.

“We are excited to officially announce support for Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with our cognitive workload algorithm. This integration now allows our customers to measure cognitive workload in all facets of their research in any environment,” said James Weatherhead, President, EyeTracking, Inc. “We are proud to be able to formalize our relationship with Tobii Pro to supply a turnkey hardware and software solution for wearable-based research.”

“EyeTracking, Inc.’s workload metric will be a great complement to our customers who are already using Tobii Pro Glasses 2 to improve training and operator performance. Our partnership opens up new avenues of research such as the implications high cognitive workload have on a pilot’s or surgeon’s visual attention,” said Tom Englund, President Tobii Pro, global leader in eye tracking research solutions.

Tobii Pro is the global leader in eye tracking research solutions providing businesses and academic institutions with tools spanning from high performance hardware systems – desktop and wearable – to software and cloud to consulting and services.

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking, Inc. specializes in creating tools and algorithms that interpret eye-based data into useful and objective metrics for improving, training, usability and performance. EyeTracking’s clients include the US Navy, FAA, NASA, Sandia National Labs, and a range of Fortune 500 companies. The Index of Cognitive Activity™ is patented per US 6,090,051 and all International Counterparts.

Media Contacts

James Weatherhead, President: +1 619.265.1840

Original Press Release can be viewed at Business Wire

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