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EyeTracking & Varjo Partner to Enable Cognitive Workload Analytics from VR/XR Simulations

Varjo’s mixed and virtual reality headsets are now fully compatible with EyeTracking’s latest training-based software solutions, enabling behavioral insights from immersive training, surgical simulations, and human-machine interface development.

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Key Benefits: 

  • Virtual reality training is safer and more affordable than a physical simulation environment.
  • The rich behavioral insights gained with Varjo’s VR and EyeTracking’s software solutions can accelerate the learning process for professionals across industries.
  • Together, Varjo and EyeTracking help learners acquire critical skills quickly, safely, and cost-effectively before they advance into expensive, high-fidelity simulations or high-stakes, real-world contexts.

Translate measurable eye movements into actionable insights

“We are thrilled to partner with Varjo to create an incredibly rich and effective VR-based training solution,” says James Weatherhead, CTO and President of EyeTracking. “Varjo enables experiencing the highest-quality virtual environment possible, and we give instructors the tools to help their students master that environment.”

The eyes are the windows to the brain. They don’t just connect people with the complex systems that keep us safe and healthy in the modern world. They also reveal how our mind responds to those systems. This is the key to perfecting both the design of the systems and the training of the people who use them.

For over two decades, the EyeTracking team has been developing tools that translate measurable eye movements and cognitive workload metrics into actionable insights about human behavior. This technology adds value in any context that involves human-machine interaction, from hospitals to military bases, and everywhere in between.

EyeTracking recently launched new training-focused solutions tailored for four such simulation environments: PilotReadyTMSurgeonReadyTMDriverReadyTM and SystemReadyTM. These applications help assess human performance accurately, pinpoint distractions and cognitive overload, and reveal how both the operators and the interface can improve.

Now, EyeTracking has made their software compatible with Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality headsets, including the new Varjo XR-3 and VR-3. With Varjo devices and EyeTracking’s solutions, professionals have the ability to gain high-quality human-performance metrics from the most demanding VR/AR/XR simulation scenarios.

Pioneering solutions for VR-based training and performance assessment

With the industry’s highest resolution across the widest field of view, Varjo headsets power true-to-life VR applications and keeps trainees fully immersed and engaged. Trainees can replicate the exact feeling and conditions of real-life scenarios. Varjo headsets also feature built-in eye tracking at 200 Hz.

“Varjo enables experiencing the highest-quality virtual environment possible.” – James Weatherhead, EyeTracking

Combining Varjo’s industrial-grade hardware with EyeTracking’s analytics platform, organizations can now objectively measure the proficiency of personnel as they progress through their VR-based training programs.

“With Varjo headsets, professionals can perform at their highest level in virtual reality, while our systems help trainers get inside the perspective of another human being. Together, we provide the tools to optimize systems and train users to perform proficiently, especially when the stakes are high, and the pressure is on,” James Weatherhead says.

Deliver training and feedback anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the rich data available through Varjo and EyeTracking, instructors can maximize the rate of learning by providing personalized, targeted feedback at exactly the right time. They can also evaluate proficiency with greater confidence, to determine when individuals are ready to move on to riskier, higher-stakes tasks.

“Our software solution reveals precisely when and why trainees struggle or excel—for example, whether they were distracted, overloaded, confused, or focused on the wrong things. This rich information makes the training process both faster and safer,” Weatherhead explains.

EyeTracking’s platform utilizes eye tracking data, such as gaze location and patented pupil dilation metrics, to quantify patterns of attention and cognitive workload in real-time. Instructors can flag behaviors as they happen and debrief learners easily, providing the timely and accurate feedback they need to accelerate their progress.

Furthermore, EyeTracking’s reporting application is fully cloud-based. This enables real-time comparison of individuals or groups, as well as progress tracking over time. Data can be collected at one location and viewed at another, so training and feedback can be delivered anytime, anywhere, for individuals as well as groups.

Combine this with the portability of Varjo’s VR/XR headsets, and companies can train their workforce fully remotely.

“We are thrilled to welcome EyeTracking to our Varjo-ready software ecosystem. Together, our hardware and software tools enable unprecedented training and research opportunities for professionals across industries,” says Geoff Bund, head of business development at Varjo.

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