OEM licensing is available for a variety of EyeTracking, Inc. products. Whether you wish to bundle our software with your own or embed components of our software into existing applications, we are  interested in exploring the possibilities. EyeTracking currently works with a variety of companies in medical, scientific, automotive and marketing research areas. Do you have a product that our software could enhance? We’d love to hear about it.

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OEM Products
  • EYEWORKS™: Developed by our renowned research team, EyeWorks™ is the most versatile eye tracking software on the market. It is designed to manage all aspects of research, and is compatible with more commercially available eye tracking hardware than any other software. Since EyeWorks™ has been used in virtually every context of eye tracking research, you can expect smooth integration and exceptional results.
  • COGNITIVE WORKLOAD MODULE: EyeTracking, Inc. has created an unobtrusive tool for objectively measuring cognitive workload. Based on the patented Index of Cognitive Activity, the Cognitive Workload Module is both robust and practical. This revolutionary pupil metric is compatible with several commercially available eye tracking hardware systems, and can be integrated to evaluate a variety of different tasks. The module runs in both offline and realtime modes.
  • QUAD SERVER™: Integration of Quad Server™ into your product will significantly simplify the process of data management. It allows you to synchronize, store, visualize and distribute multiple data streams simultaneously. It is compatible with EyeWorks™ out-of-the-box and can be easily applied to most other data types using the included SDK.