For nearly two decades, EyeTracking, Inc. has provided software and research services to a variety of diverse industries all over the world. Our roster of satisfied clients is our proudest achievement.
  • Marketing Research

    The Objective: Over the course of three separate studies (A, B, C), EyeTracking, Inc. endeavored to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the airline’s email communications, online advertising and self check-in airport kiosks.  MORE
  • Usability Testing 1

    The Objective: The client sought EyeTracking, Inc’s assistance in evaluating the usability and visibility of a new website feature, designed to assist customers with the purchase of high-end electronics. In addition to assessing the feature itself, the client wished to examine comparable tools on competitor sites. MORE
  • Usability Testing 2

    The Objective: The client was in the process of developing a new version of a website for physicians and other medical professionals. EyeTracking, Inc. was enlisted to collect usability, visibility and qualitative data on a prototype of the redesigned site.  The research covered a variety of specific functions as well as the aesthetic appeal of the site. MORE
  • Cognitive Workload

    The Objective: EyeTracking, Inc. utilized the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) to evaluate two versions (current and redesigned) of a mission critical system designed to monitor air, surface and subsurface traffic for the Space and Naval Warfare Command. The goal of this research was assess the cognitive workload of operators of each system as they completed their duties. MORE
  • Package Design

    The Objective: Help the client choose between three potential package designs for a cereal product. The winning design needed to capture the visual attention of the shopper while clearly conveying an important detail about the product. MORE
  • Scientific Application

    The Objective: The director of Laparoscopic surgery was concerned about the validity of commonly used subjective measures of surgical skill. EyeTracking, Inc’s patented Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) was proposed as an objective measure that might provide a more reliable assessment of surgeons.  MORE
  • Engagement

    The Objective: The client was in search of a physiological measure to be used in assessing the level of engagement of viewers, specifically when watching commercials on the client’s network. EyeTracking, Inc’s Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) was selected for this purpose because of its unobtrusiveness and scientific validity.  MORE
  • Advertising & Sponsorship

    The Objective: Evaluate the visibility, memorability and overall appeal of two prototype magazine advertisements. The goal was to determine not only if the ads captured attention, but also how they were visually experienced. A secondary goal was to incorporate this research into a design template for print advertisements based on the visual behavior of the reader. MORE