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EyeTracking Inc. one of three subcontractors on winning EPS Team

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San DiegoCA – May 20, 2004 – On April 5, 2004 EPS was awarded a Navy 5 year base (plus 2 five-year options) IDIQ contract (SeaPort-e) to support the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) with twelve core Product Area Directorates in six zones. The twelve core Product Areas are:

Force Level Warfare Systems
Ships and Ships Systems
Surface Ship Combat Systems
Littoral Warfare Systems
Strategic Weapons Systems
Undersea Warfare (USW) Command and Control Systems
Undersea Warfare (USW) Weapons and Vehicles
Undersea Warfare (USW) Ranges, Analysis, and Assessment
Undersea Warfare (USW) Fleet Material Readiness
Homeland Security and Force Protection
Surface Warfare Logistics and Maintenance

Three subcontractors (EyeTracking, Inc., Paloma Systems, and Jorge Scientific) join EPS to provide support and services in twenty-one functional areas.

EyeTracking, Inc.’s contribution to the EPS team on the Seaport effort is in the areas of Research & Development, Human Factors, and Training. EyeTracking Inc.’s technology can evaluate in real-time where an individual is looking on a display or console for critical information and how much mental effort is involved as they process the information. EyeTracking’s specialized form of evaluation monitors user cognitive workload to optimize the interface of new operational systems and to enhance enabling technologies.

The ICA is a newly developed, patented measure based on pupil dilation that provides an objective, physiological based measure of cognitive workload. The ICA provides a quantitative assessment of interface design and usability by directly measuring the mental effort of the user engaged with it. Such assessment determines whether system redesigns increase, maintain, or reduce the mental workload of the user as desired.

For more information about the case study, please visit and select Mission Critical Solutions.

EyeTracking, Inc. is a San Diego, California company that delivers high quality eye-tracking services for commercial, government and military applications. Using patented methodologies, EyeTracking, Inc. integrates point-of-gaze metrics with new pupil-derived estimates of mental effort to determine where people look, what holds their attention, and the level of cognitive processing that occurs. Services include assistance in evaluating new software, comparing designs, and studying complex human computer interaction with critical systems.

EPS, a veteran owned small business has over 20 years proven experience providing Equipment, Services and/or turnkey Solutions to the U.S. Federal Government – worldwide to both civilian and military agencies. EPS has earned a solid reputation in the assessment, design, engineering, development, implementation and management of integrated voice, data and/or video communications and security systems and infrastructure. No matter how simple or complex, EPS can provide the solution best suited for your agency’s technological quandary.

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